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Mar 8, 2018
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I can assure you that you can win a lot of jackpots from igaming This is great .. Simply put, iGaming is betting on the results of events and games online, and poker for these activities, Includes sports betting, the largest online casinos Market share occupied by sports betting and online casinos.

Doublejack are an international community of people who share the dream of winning a fortune, having fun and doing good deeds with it. They believe that everyone can win with their approach.

iGaming is exploding and DoubleJack wants to take advantage of it for good reason.

iGaming has grown significantly in the last few years.

Recently, iGaming activities such as poker, online casinos and sports betting have grown significantly, thanks to a pandemic that is expected to reach a market size of nearly $ 1 trillion by 2025.

Nevertheless, iGaming can be perceived as one of the less desirable online activities. Online gambling is considered a fun pastime for some, but a harmful addiction for others (like almost all human activity). So can iGaming be more positive for everyone?

DoubleJack launches ICO to enable users worldwide to access €250 million lottery. DoubleJack’s ICO will also offer a digitized stakeholding utility asset to users, building the foundations for the company’s philanthropic, igaming lottery platform.

Influencer income:

According to the official press release, token holders will get the chance to earn passive income by becoming influencers and sending referral QR code links to other people.

For every 20 people who are getting a referral code, the influencer will learn a passive income of $100. An influencer can work his/her way up to $6 million over time.

The passive income amount depends on the influencer’s DoubleJack.Club status. Passive income will be distributed from one-third of the lottery’s total jackpot.


Winners of the jackpot lottery will receive the opportunity to work with Turner Little wealth management company in order to help them get their business objectives.

Philanthropic opportunities:

Influencers are encouraged to develop charitable initiatives, contributing to local charities with their passive income.

Betting, playing lotteries and gambling will become safer in terms of getting the jackpot once you have won it.

ICO Details

Token Ticker


Token Name


Total Number of Tokens


Price of one Token in USD


Soft Cap

7,000,000 USD

Hard Cap

20,000,OOO USD

For more information, please visit www.doublejack.world (ICO)

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