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How do users make money on tsu

On tsū, users own their content and own their network, therefore they own the royalties generated from advertising, sponsorship and partnership dollars wrapped around their content. Additionally if any users came to the platform via a user’s short code or invitation, then that user will in perpetuity earn a portion of the economics of the newly invited individual and their social network on tsū.
This only happens on tsū and mechanically cannot happen on any other incumbent platform. If a tsū user’s post is viewed, that post creates economics – at the very least an advertisement is served alongside that post which is revenue. tsū simply arranges these revenues to trickle to the users as royalties via our algorithm that rewards both relevant content and social network building.


A few words on tsu.

So I have been part of tsu for 80 odd days now and I have noticed a few things.
> Spamming nearly killed tsu early on but luckily enough it is dying off slowly.

> A lot of high profiled celebs are joining tsu which will ultimately increase users.

> The ability to transfer funds is an AMAZING feature for any social network and I'm glad to say I have donated twice now and will continue to do so.

> You will NOT become a millionaire on tsu.

> The quicker you realise that tsu is NOT a quick fix to make money then the sooner you will enjoy it for what it is....a social network.

> You will see some people making a decent amount but you can bet your ass that these people have HUGE networks outside of tsu (youtube, facebook, twitter, tumblr etc).

> Stop moaning about making a couple of cents a day, you make NOTHING on twitter and facebook BUT you never moan about that.