Earn free bitcoin [no scam]

Hey guys!

Maybe you heard about Bitcoin over last few years. And even if you don't understand what it is, during the price spikes you surely told yourself "Why didn't I put a small amount of money before?". Now, when the price is not that good predictable, you are afraid to risk your own funds for the investment or you don't know how to buy some Bitcoin. Recently I discovered a community building app - "Swissborg community app" (avaible both on Google Play - Android and Apple Store - iOS), which basically gives you through a competition free Bitcoin - you can sell that or keep that for the future. The only thing you have to do is download the app, play a simple game (1 min) and recieve the reward. To have a fresh start with 3 000 extra points, use the referal code "7T2RAMY".

Good luck guys, TheSisa
I think everyone has already heard about Bitcoin. However, Bitcoin Gambling is quite a new branch, which can be profitable as well. By the way, as I read in the article from ItsBlockchain, https://itsblockchain.com/bitcoin-gambling-trends/ , it brings next interesting trends for us:
— focus on security;
— decentralization;
— government regulations;
— altcoins;
— further market expansion;
— live dealers;
— VR;
— progressive jackpots;
— possibility to use it via mobile devices.