Easiest Way to make $20-$30 a day

lol of course since i use bit.ly to shorten the link its going ape shit, its a legit link just going to the affiliate login page and giving me some credit that i think i deserve ;)


Make Money Online
lol of course since i use bit.ly to shorten the link its going ape shit, its a legit link just going to the affiliate login page and giving me some credit that i think i deserve ;)
tacitinic would u be interested in doing a jv with me for this iave got around 10pcs .....if we only just need to login to the profiles and no need of chatting and all i can run it 24/7 ....


Make Money Online
and also iave found out a simple and quick paying offer which i think works out very well ....if what u ave said like making 300-500$ per week with 1 $ signups then i think we can earn way lot more .......


Make Money Online
i dont have enough posts to pm you thats why making a single thing into 3 posts so that i can acheiev my 5 posts minmm count to pm LOL
can u pm me with ur aim or skype id
i pm'ed you my icq & aim. i will be busy today until about 1030 pm EST, hit me up anytime around then. my icq is always logged on so just shoot me a message.
Ok, so I tried this method for kicks. I have received over 130 friend requests within 3 days and accepted them all. The profile I created has been viewed over 800 times in 3 days. I then dropped the referral link for xprofiles using a link shortener in the blog and info sections of the pornhub profile saying if you want to chat on instant messenger look me up there.

However, not 1 single sign-up to xprofiles. Zero, nada, ziltch!

Any other tips or suggestions? Maybe putting the link in the photos?
i can't see this working without spending some time replying to all and "casually" dropping your link in your replies

the reason why somebody seeing your pics should register on a completely unknown site beats me though
just because you cant convert ocean does not mean u should talk shit about it. thats childish bro.. i know 20+ people off the top of my head making over $100 dollars a day off of this and i myself made $220 yesterday just from my links saturating on about 4 sites... i wasnt even online ALL DAY yesterday until the end at night, and i made that much off this. so go somewhere else with your little and loud complaints ;) .

if anyone wants to chat about methods or whatever hit me up on aim/icq - tacitinc / 635409681


Make Money Online
Only the winner stay in the game while loser keep whining =P

Saying this is not converting is the same as saying craigslist is dying.
btw, I manage to maintain minimum of $50 per day with this "saturated method"
in a good day i can rake in bout $180 tops and on a bad day i just manage to get $64
u cant keep ur mouth shut and keep working on "working method" that "need some twist and tweak instead of copying directly". Use ur brain and not your attitude

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and i have the opportunity to chat with a person that are using this same method in chat room and they convert like 1:6. and me, just 1:!0 which is quite ok cos I'm a newbie here =P


Make Money Online
and btw, i just refresh my page once a while to keep the profile marked as online (here goes one of the so called secret)
in the mean time, i can do lot of other thing such as bitching on the method that wont work or try a method and twist it.
since i am almost always in front of my pc, it wouldn't really hurt to press f5 every hour and earn some money doing it.

I dont think that u can get money any easier than refreshing a page and accept friend request. Plus it is require no upfront cos like fb ppc. With a creative mind u can earn some decent money with less effort.

dont bitching bout this method dont work cos I already did it =P
no chat, no replying horny msg from a horny guy with 200 inch dick

p/s: did i say i will do this for the rest of my IM career? hell no but i did get myself some little money to fund my other campaign.