Easy $200 with a few hours work. No website needed.


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This seems like a good method and I have started working on it. Do you mind sharing the bot here, or even selling it?The bot is the best news:)
I'd have to dig it back up and/or remake it. I have some projects at the moment which might have me in that area anyway I'll blow some dust off that drive and check.


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alright, my first sale went off. and got decent bucks for it! nice method man. keep it up!
Good stuff. Get multiple listings going and split test your sales pages to see what works best. And when new game expansions come out (some of the major ones on PA have recently updated) it's a good time to get in there.

If you actually develop a method for the game and make a half decent method out of it you can scale up from PA and actually launch it. Clickbank, KDP etc... there's some 7 figure game guides out there - don't overlook this stuff.
I made an easy $200 over the last 2-3 weeks with this now. It took a few hours work and paid directly to paypal. You don't need a site or hosting etc...

I'm not hyping this method up or anything - it has a limit but it's good for some easy cash. I'm giving this out because I used it for some short term cash - but I need to keep focused on my SEO sites. Hopefully it'll help other people make some cash to pay for hosting or whatever.

You see a lot of marketers target games for guides and fight for the top spot through SEO or PPC? Well what if buyers came looking for your guides somewhere with next to no competition?


Playerauctions is pretty much like ebay for game items. The majority of the traffic there is for accounts, currency and in games items but the lesser travelled section is for guides. Now the fun thing is - when someone looks at the main page for a game - the guides are shown both in the guide tabs and the 'hottest for sale offers' and there is usually very little competition for those guides so you'll pretty much always show up.

Nine times out of ten I would be the only person selling guides for some of the more popular games so I was constantly showing up on the front page of the game. I should point out I was selling for about $7 for easy sales so you can get some good traffic with this.

So for this you'll be selling guides - and the fun part is you don't even have to know anything about the game. You can buy a PLR guide for these games for about $0.50 and you don't have to do so until you've already got a sale come in.

Put a little effort into your sales page (you'll only need to do it once) sell them on the idea that if they buy your guide they'll be the best in their guild/server etc... They're already on PA to buy so make the guide sound good and you should have no bother converting. Make sure to use pictures (generic ebook covers or pictures of the game - both work) and headers but don't go mad with colour and animated .gifs etc...

Once you've posted your sales page it goes live pretty quickly. There's no manual reviews or any promotion work to do. Just log off and you get an email when your guide sells.

Target the more popular games: WoW, Mafia Wars and Everquest for example. But it doesn't hurt to put a post down on each games market.

Now basic guides are one thing but selling dupes/exploits is where the good money is. PA doesn't actually allow these but I've found they're incredibly lax about actually enforcing this rule unless forced to. Out of my three accounts - none have actually been banned for selling these, and I have spoken to PA staff several times now.

If you make your sales post sound vague enough about exploits you can actually sell them anything that sounds vaguely good. The better it is - the more likely you'll get positive feedback for your next sales but you can always change account. I actually kept up a 98% positive feedback while doing this (with dozens of sales) so it's not that hard.

To find the exploits you can google around or pay $5 to get elite access into a game ******* forum. All the stuff in those are commonly known anyway but at least you have them in one place. package it up in a pdf and throw in a few youtube videos. Put in a couple of common game ******* tools (such as WPE and CheatEngine) and you can even sell it as 'with free video guides and ******* software).

To save yourself time you can make one sales page to offer an exploit for the game without actually mentioning the game. Post the sales offer in every game which looks like it gets sales (look at currency and item sellers records) and then worry about finding the exploit after you have a buyer.

I took an hour to put together a generic game ******* package and threw in a little c code and aforementioned tools to make it look impressive. I took the same sales page and posted it all over the place and got a bunch of sales without doing anything. The funnier part is it got a lot of positive feedback.

Things to note:

*PA doesn't give any kind of automatic download after someone buys your ebook. You have to manually deliver by email or onsite messenger.

*Deliver within the time you say you will deliver - if you don't they can cancel the sale

*PA takes a small percentage of your sale for their profit. I can't remember the figure but you can find it on the site. They also take about 5 days to pay you - but their payments do come through.

If you have any questions drop me a PM. I can probably dig up the sales page/product I was selling and you're welcome to it.

Remember to hit the 'thanks' button if you get yourself a sale. :)
I will like to know how to do this step by step can we chat on messenger? Send me your pm