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NOTE: Method originally shared by a BHW member called munaworks

Here is a simple method I use to make $100 a day. It is very simple, or atleast that's what my experience of it has been.


Recently, a very good friend of mine, created a new Web 2.0 "no strings attached" social chat site, which he is currently marketing on Facebook - it's called HaveUrSay.com, and I really love using it in-place of IM messengers. But recently I started looking at ways to merge the ease and simplicity of the site with blackhat tactics to make a quick buck and came up with this...


All you need to start making the mentioned sum of money, apart from intuition and clean underwear is a CPA offer, affiliate offer, or referral affiliate scheme - you know what those are, right? If not - Google is your friend. :)

Next, you wont need an account on HaveUrSay.com - HOORAY!
That's exactly what I felt made this method tick for me - I personally hate sign ups and I know millions on the web share my feeling too. I would much prefer if I could use most sites without having to open up Yahoomail, Hotmail or Googlemail all the time.

Next, simply create a room on HUS by typing the url (haveursay.com) a forward slash (/) and then the name you would prefer to have.
For this step, try to keep the name of your room related to your offer, so as to make your URL more believable for future steps.

e.g. lets say your offer reads like this, "Buy Acai Dog Biscuits For Your Dog!"
create a room with the name "DogLovers" or "Ilovemydog" or "Dogchat" or "letstalkdogs" - you know, not the best set of example names but you get the picture, you want to use a name that will suggest to your target audience that this would be a good place to talk to other dog owners.

Now once your in your domain/HUS room (e.g. "http://haveursay.com/letstalkdogs"), look to the bottom right corner of the page and click the 'claim this room!' link.

Once you have claimed the room, your set.

But before I go on, let me explain a few things just for clearance.
You don't own this room forever, you've only got it for as long as it is active.
If you don't get any activity on the page for 24 hours - the page is still yours, but can now be claimed by anyone else.

Next, step is certainly the hardest of the simple steps :|

What I do at this point, is I would use Facebook pages - related to my topic to advertise - and by that I mean, creating my own page, linking that to my HUS room, next I publicise the page on other facebook pages - both in comments and in wall posts were possible.
I also directly publicise the HUS room using related pages, forums and blogs.

Marketing the HUS room I admit is not a walk in the park, but can be effectively done using all your tricks of the trade.
Another one is through forum signatures on related forums.
And if you've got the money to spend, paid CPM advertising.

The whole point of the exercise is to get as much traffic to your HUS room as possible.

Now why pick HUS rooms...? Well, I can only tell you why I choose to use them - besides the fact that I know the dude who made it, and that I can easily get in contact with him. I use them because, I think they look good. I use them also because they are pretty self explanatory to use and because I feel they can go viral with enough quality users on them. People like to talk, people like to chat, and people like to waste time on the internet reading what others have to say, and making their opinion clear.

Now, because of this... the page can easily garner traffic that sticks.

Ok, so you've got your traffic now what...?

It's really easy to monetize the page.
To begin, look again towards the bottom right corner and you will notice that the "claim this room!" links has changed to a "modify this room!", if of course you are in the same room as earlier.
Click the button/link and it will open up a popup window thingy... In there look for the "Post Text, Links or Images (HTML):" and paste in your link to your CPA offer.

So that's pretty much the long and short of it.

Here's a quick test HUS room I made to demonstrate the ease of this:
HaveUrSay.com - test

Other methods to try include:

Grow a viral HUS room, with loads of budding live chatters.
and sell advertising space on it :)

Create several small traffic targeted HUS pages and market your CPA offers on them, you might even want to try ranking on Google - I hear the BIG G likes constantly updating content...

Thank you for reading and feel free to post questions to me on the method or to a much lesser extent - suggestions for the site, I will do my best to pass them on.

EDIT: Got an idea for getting traffic to your rooms that you might want to hear...
Use Social bookmarking sites like - Digg, Reddit & StumbleUpon
They seem to love this kind of thing... just a tip.


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So what to you constitutes web 2.0? please explain or you just seem like a douche.

Also, you say it's hard on your eyes, and yet you fail to realise that the background can be changed? I just set that background for test.

Original URL from BHW thread before I changed it: http://haveursay.com/bhwtest


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can a person really make $100 a day with this system from my experience this is not the truth many claim to work i will have to try it out and see thanks


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I'm sorry to say it, but I don't like the look of the site, it looks kind of empty and lonely, and the layout and colors I don't like either.


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For me the page looks like a big shoutbox, the design is very "special", but definitely not web 2.0. I bet nobody made $100/day with this page.... Sorry.