Easy Steps To Make Some Extra Cash

Here's an Easy method to help you make some extra cash :D

1. make gigs on fiverr that offer 3 Articles (500 words each) on fiverr for $10 (3.3$ per article)

2. Go to freelancer.com hiresomeone (Indian) to write at $1.5 per article. 3 articles will cost you $4.5 (Hire noobs, only they will agree at this rate)

3. You will make about $5 per order - without any work and sales will be great because articles are really cheap. Get fake fiverr reviews (pay people, ask freinds, etc)

you can easily get 2-3 orders daily and make $10 Daily Without much work :)


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Don't forget you must pay to fiverr. From $5 order you getting only $4, so from $10 you should get $8 only. You can make good profit using this method if you find people who can write articles for like $1/500 words (i think it's impossible :D). Much better is resell seo things on fiverr like social bookmarks, forum profile backlinks. You can buy 100 social bookmarks from india for $1 and sell it on fiverr for $5.


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"Much better is resell Search Engine Optimization things on fiverr like social bookmarks, forum profile backlinks. You can buy 100 social bookmarks from india for $1 and sell it on fiverr for $5."

lol. That is the challenge. No ones gonna share this here. Risk hours and hours of your time trying to find this. If this does get shared, someones income will be damaged.
Articles are in huge demand on fiverr. I saw a gig from one serbian girl..This gig was for a few days only! But she had over 10 orders in queue...
Hi hatter,
To generate income online I think affiliate marketing is a good source. It is the process of selling other people’s product or services and earning commission from sales. It is a home based business and one can make a decent amount of income through this program. There are many affiliate programs which are free to join.
You're looking for a way to earn extra money, whether you need spending money while you're in school, to save up for a trip, or to pay for a pricey hobby. Whatever your reason, you can get it by snagging a part-time job, selling your stuff, or even by saving money. If you want to know how to earn extra money, then follow these easy tips.

1.Get a part-time job.
2.Make money by sharing your knowledge and skills.
3.Be a care-taker.
4.Sell your stuff.
5.Rent your stuff.
Hi, Craigslist is a more popular way to making money online; I am surprised when I know some people do sell a body part, like plasma, hair, and breast milk for making some extra cash. Another way to earn money online is paid to click sites, aurora site which paid for reading emails, traffic exchange, paid to post, make money from link exchange or replace, earning from uploading files, etc. There are many ways to earn money online. Thanks…. I hope it may help….
today there are a lot of ways making money online, gigs for example, easy money, the income is not that high though. there are big money on being a reseller and an affiliate. there are a lot of companies that have this program. One just have to choose the best to represent them :)
This really does not seem like the best way to make money. You first have to make sure you are hiring someone with good quality. Sorry to say, lots of foreign workers are not that great with English and your customers on fiverr are going to be mad when you are American, promise them great work, and then submit work from someone who barely speaks English at all. Plus freelancer, and the other freelancing sites, have a lot of foreign workers, but these workers will leave you hanging. Now you have to do a whole bunch of articles in just a few hours on rush because you hired someone for so cheap. To avoid this issue, you would have to hire someone more expensive and that would defeat the purpose. Honestly, for that price, it is best to just do the work yourself because hiring, keeping up on people, and all the back and forth will not be worth the few bucks you are making.
Now if you are serious about working in freelance writing, there are a lot of options available. You could go the Fiverr route. This is not going to yield you a ton of money, but it is better than nothing and can be a great way to build up a bit of a portfolio when you are ready to hit it bigtime. There are a lot of other sites you can move on to that help, but the fees are going to be similar to what you would get on Fiverr. Most will charge 10 percent on the work. Elance charged less, but they are about to head out the door so that is not much of an option.
As you have mentioned to visit freelancer, is it possible to do this individually without hiring anybody. Whether getting order is easy if not what other formalities we have to do. Please send your reply early as it is very urgent.