Ebay gift card twist method


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I've been trolling this message board for a while and thought I would post my first method. I've been an ebay seller for several years now and wanted to share a nice little method with you that will hopefully give you some ideas.

Ok, I've done this a few times, but not my core business on ebay. This method involves buying gift cards and then using them to buy merchandise which you will then resell on ebay. I call this "twisting" which is sorta like "flipping"

Here is a specific example. I would do a search on ebay for Callaway Golf gift cards. You will see many listed as these are given away at promotional events etc. and people just decide to sell them. I would try to buy these cards for about 70% or less of the face value.

From this point I would create a listing on ebay for Callaway HX Hot Bite golf balls. Usually I would create auctions for 2 dozen, 4 dozen etc. When the auction sells, simply order the balls from Callaway, pay with the gift card you purchased, and have the golf balls shipped straight to the customer from Callaway (most of the gift cards include free shipping when used). I would clear about $4-5 per dozen golf balls sold, not a bad profit for a $15-20 item. This particular type of ball was sold in 2 packs at a discounted rate vs. what the listed price was on the website, so I was able to take advantage of that to make a bit more profit. Not a bad little method considering I didn't have to source product, stock it, or handle the shipping.

Obviously with this example there are a few more details involved as far as figuring out pricing, ebay fees, ability to combine gift cards etc, but the general idea is to buy gift cards low enough so that you can then buy a product to resell for profit.


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This is actually a great idea, IMO.

One would seriously need to watch their margins as carelessness can cost you on this one.

Another option would be to find gift certificates that come with another denomination as a bonus. I've seen these and they can increase the profit margins.


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Yeah, you gotta watch the margins, its kind of a lot to track. In the example I gave, I buy Callaway golf items myself, so if I had money left over on a card or wasn't able to combine certain cards, I would just buy something for myself.


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understandably it takes money to make money, but most people still believe that eBay can be done for free. is there a way to do this without any cost at all?


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Not really sure how you do ebay for free. I guess with this method, you could sell the item first, in this case golf balls, then buy the gift card after the fact. That way you aren't putting any money out. Kinda seems like a bigger risk though, because if you can't buy the gift card for the price you need to, you could end up making no money or risk having to wait longer to ship the item, which buyers don't like.


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Thanks for the Ebay Arbitrage method.

Now, if you could get $5000 in gift cards a month for $3500 or less!



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Here you go:

I don't understand how this should work. Where to get them at 70% of the face value?

callaway golf gift cards | eBay

As you can see, there are only very few offers. And prices are quite high!

Remember, this is just to give you an idea of what is possible, there are many other types of gift cards available, you gotta go beyond the example I gave if you want to scale this up.

However, here are several cards that sold for the 70% or less:


Callaway $400 Gift Card | eBay

$300 Callaway Gift Card New in Box - Gift! For Clubs Driver Balls | eBay

$300 Callaway Gift Card New in Box - Gift! For Clubs Driver Balls | eBay

Callaway GIFT CARD $50 New, Never Used! | eBay