Email/Chat/SMS Adult Sign ups

We now have iframes and adult dating and cam offers for email/chat/sms and all alternative traffic sources.

We are paying $40 on every sale. I will pay more depending on volume

Q: Are we allowed to sell twice to a client?
A: YES, it we have 2 kind of payment card proccesor

Q: Is the stats real time?
A: Yes

Q: Do you have a Hold Period on Payouts?
A: No, we pay you on time after the cut off.

Q: When are Affiliate Payouts sent out?
A: Payouts are sent out every Monday after cut off

Q: What are the payment options you offer?
A: The current payment options offered are:

Wire Transfer

Q: Are there any Quotas to be met before obtaining a Payout?
A: No Quotas at all, we pay even if its 1 sales.

Q:Can I create sub campaigns?

Q:Can you take high risk traffic?

Join our team now. Been in business since 2005. Never missed a payout!
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