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I agree that serious business require email marketing.

But email list that we grab are used by many other guys so no benefit.

If we get hold of unique ones then we can generate easy profit.


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I agree i also think that email marketing is very important, but i´m looking for a program which is more effective than normal email and it should be available for free or for one time paying

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hey guys
ran into a bit of problem here

i setup interspire email marketing solution on the hostgator server, when i sent out the testing campaign which is only text to own gmail, hotmail, yahoo email addy

they all ended up in the spam box...?!

how do improve the deliverability and avoid spam filter??
E-mail marketing is more effective and important for online business. Email marketing is a great opportunity to reach out to millions of people in a matter of seconds. E-Mail marketing helps to get customers for your business by sending mail. You can send E-Mail about your service or products in website. It is also a spam free method. To get more customer for my online shopping site, i got Express E-mail marketing service from
Email Marketing has good source for generating traffic and getting leads but its depend on your email title. Title must be engaging but not irrelevant so that you can get maximum visitors.

As per your needs I can see that you are much familiar with the emailing marketing field. Also as a business point of view a best software will increase your customers and will receive more reviews of the emails that will be send. However as per my experience in this situation I have tried many companies before for emailing marketing. At last I have revealed that always a better delivery rate and click rates proves that the campaign was successful with the attempt of sending emails. Although madmimi, mailkitchen, mailchimp and Aweber has a good name in the market from years. But now many people have seen differences from last few years. Things are changing as the users are increasing day by day. There are some points now that you won't find in many softwares but they are compulsory for a reason.

1) Best delivery rates: It can only happen if the SMTP is provided is totally dedicated ( not assigned to multiple users as mostly companies doesn't provide)

2) Best click rates: You can only get the click rates if the emails where delivered not caught by the spam cops or the SMTP was assigned to multiple users so it drops the emails but never shows on the software. Click rate may also depend on the "contact list" that your using, it should be clear enough to go through ( most people use list cleaning service for this purpose )

3) Original reports (in realtime) : If you have the accurate reports of your campaign running that will be the best part to know which of the recipient in your email contact list is interested in your product/item or offer. Know about the interested email addresses in your contact list ( about each and every one of them )

After a small introduction of the way that a software should be I can explain in simple words. Real SMTPs "Dedicated" clean IPs "Those how are not listed in Blacklist" and Real reporting software will make to day for you.

I have personally experienced these all points and came to an end of using " Imailunlimited " for running campaign and sending emails. Also they also provide service to clear the email list " clearmyemaillist " it very effective and will highly recommend those who are using using same contact list or updating the existing contact list to send emails. Cleanmyemaillist software will filter each and every email address so that when your using the contact list to send emails won't have fake addresses no duplicates also will filter spam cops.

Thank you so much for the paid attention.
Email Marketing is a classical online marketing tools, which is claimed to be a dead advertising approach by many digital market experts this days. You may have heard about that and may be assuming why the hell we’ve decided to invest some of your valuable hours onto this almost expired digital advertising technique.
Thank you for the post as it is very helpful, email marketing is key to having a succesful business, now that does not mean any email marketing but email marketing done correctly.