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Ok for all who may have trouble making money ewhoring. I have used this twist for just over a month, spending an hour to two at most daily to get sales. It's not saturated and I may be the only one who has used it (until I hit submit on this post). I was using DatingGold for this. Payout is $75/sale ($100/sale promo for July 16th-31st). On average, I received 3 sales/day for days I worked (I didn't every day).

I would go to craigslist and post in a major city (los angeles, atlanta, detroit, SF, San Diego, etc.). I only posted in 1 city per day, so I didn't get mixed up about where I was claiming to be located. I posted in the w4m casual encounter section. Now for the good part....my ad went along the lines of "" Who wants to screw my girlfriend/wife while I film it"". The description lists requirements of the person who is interested (must be under 40 years old, disease free, condoms are a must, etc.). I would also put about a task via email needing to be completed. Put whatever you want...this makes it sounds realistic. On average, I received 40-50 emails per ad within the first hour or so (and surprisingly my ads normally stayed live w/o being flagged).

I have a script that I reply to everyone who emails me...

"The part in the email regarding the task we need completed, I'll explain that. If you are interested after the below, email me back and I'll send a couple of pics.

We're members of a hookup/swinger type website. If we refer someone who joins (its $30/month and you can cancel anytime, so you could just get one month), we get a free month and a rep credit. After we get so many rep credits, we get a free lifetime membership, so we don't have to pay monthly anymore. We only need one more credit to get the free membership. We were trying to think of a way to get the last credit we needed (as we've already referred all our friends to the site). I came up with this idea, let a guy sleep with my girl for helping us out.

I've been asked by a few people why would I let a guy sleep with my girl. We're swingers, this is what we love to do. We often have 3somes and we swap with couples we know, so its nothing new to us. We normally just play with our current friends, but since we needed another credit from the website decided to post the ad and see if a stranger is interested.

Anyways if you'd like to check out the website to think about joining, let us know and we will send you the link and pictures of her and go from there."

Bam...everyone who emails you back knows they will have to spend at least $30 signing up to participate. Make sure you have plenty of pictures of the same girl to send them, ask for their picture so your girl can "approve". Trust me, it will sound legit. Some people think its shady...tell them yeah it is but apparently you haven't been involved in a swinger relationship before, otherwise you would know this is nothing new.

When people say they are serious and want to do it, send them your affiliate link. Tell them you receive an email when a referral signs up under you so you know if they do or not. After you receive this email, you can meet. This works 75% of the time. The other 25% of the time the guy wants to signup in the presence of the couple your pretending to be, give you cash, etc. I love that part...

I claim to have tried this a couple weeks ago and we drove an hour to meet a guy. When we met him he tried to sign up and his credit card was declined, we were pissed. If they want to call you first, tell them you another guy wanted the same thing, he never signed up, and started calling and harassing your girl 75 times a day till you had to get the number changed. Make sure your kind of pissy towards them and let them know if they got a problem, you have no problem moving on to the next guy in line. Normally they always back down and will sign up.

Make sure you know the city you claiming to be in. I use Google Maps on the city so I can talk about the area and tell them a specific area I live in, instead of just saying I live in San Fransisco for example.

After they sign up, block them. I've never been contacted my aff. manager, and I can't imagine someone would complain to the company saying they got tricked into signing up and they didn't get to sleep with my girl...lol Between July 1st - July 31st, I made just under $4k...with only an hour to two at tops per day manually responding to emails.

Why am I spoon-feeding my twist out? I'm thankful to the community for all the information I get here, and I'm slimming down on my ewhoring as I transition into CPA full time.

If you have any questions, please post here and I'll give all the input I can. Sorry for the post being so long, just wanted to get all the specifics out.

This isn't my method just so you know found it somewhere else but I always love to share good threads with all MMD members.


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This is a very good and straight forward method to get those signups, awesome!

May I know how long does your ads usually stays up?


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After they sign up, block them. I've never been contacted my aff. manager, and I can't imagine someone would complain to the company saying they got tricked into signing up and they didn't get to sleep with my girl...lol

This is really funny! Hahaha...... I like this method a very good one indeed. It's fun! :p