Follow Me Run It Up From $10-$10,000

Hello Fellow IMers,

This is my first post on what promises to be a very prestigious following. Before we get down to business I would like to give you a little bit of background information.

I started in Internet Marketing back in 2012 and started on this forum. I read all that I can and attempted to copy methods and was earning very small amounts of money. Eventually after a year of studying and learning to spin methods and create unique content did I start showing real income. In this video journal I will show exact methods I've used to build a stable income as well as teach you to spin off ideas that have already been applied.

Real money making comes from originality. Being able to offer something to your users or customers that competition or others do not is what keeps your business stable. This can be in the form of customer service, a unique service, an additional service not offered by competitors, product that exceeds competitions, or reaching audiences that haven't been tapped before.

I have deposited $10 into a Chase Liquid prepaid account and we will be using this account to Run It Up. Step by step through video, I will increase my income everyday until we reach $10,000. Following this journal will be completely free and we will uncover and exploit methods that most marketers apply and might not even want you to know.

We will keep records daily and track the income increase all while editing and further monetizing methods that some may think have been saturated. We will start using very simple money making ideas while simultaneously working on a much larger project that may take months to show any income.

Join me in this journey and learn how anyone who works hard and puts in the time can build a solid and stable income.

Contact me with questions at anytime via email: [email protected]
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