Forex brokers


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There are so many resources with them but yeah finding a really good one can be a problem. Forex trading in general isn't regulated much especially comparing with the stock one for example and scam is a very widespread thing for brokers. Considering that you should be very careful while choosing the one and always start your operations from a mini account and small capital, such approach for a month at least will save your from possible money loss.
When you're making a decision about a certain broker pay your attention to such things:
- transaction costs (they shouldn't be too high but not too low for making worse broker's security)
- security (it should be on a high level, a really safe and reliable broker always belongs to special regulatory agencies and online lists )
- trading platform (it should be stable, fast and user-friendly)
- execution (the best broker provides you the best prices for your orders)
- reviews from previous users
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