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Feb 8, 2009
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2/12/2009 Forex News

Congress Questions Whether Or Not The Fed Should Have Such Broad Controls Over The Economy

Congress questioned several high ranking Fed officials including the Federal Reserve Chairman regarding the widespread powers the Fed holds over the economy. Congress is mainly making inquiries about how such power was used in the past & how it may be used in the future in order to ensure a more stable economy.

The Fed assured congress that reporting on it's future actions will be better & overall more detailed.

U.S. Government Set On Saving Banks, Increasing Investments

The newly announced Financial Stability Plan is key to saving the nation's major banks & financial institutions. Among other goals, the plan aims to increase lending & encourage investment, both domestic & international.

However, investment from international sources has never been a problem during this economic crisis. Many investors have decided to place their funds in the United States due to the excellent security policies as well as overall financial stability in the country. The flow of investments has helped the USD rise against most majors in the recent long run and the trend is most likely to continue.

Domestic investment has been relatively lacking since the recession was announced in late 2008, along with overall credit flow in the nation.

This plan should provide, if anything, a boost in confidence for investors & debtors alike, helping to spark an economy which has been lagging for the past few months.

Forex TV Ads

As Forex trading is becoming more & more popular internationally, brokers are finally beginning to take the next major step in advertising, TV commercials. Two brokers have taken the initiative to advertise on national television in the United States, while many others have broadcasted to certain regions.

Forex brokers are likely to continue this trend of TV advertising as it is one of the most effective methods to reach a large, diversified audience of investors who may be interested in currency trading or who are looking to switch brokers.