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Here is an advertising strategy on how you can get free Advertising on a blog. You could research blogs in your niche that have a high search engine ranking. You can then post a question or respond to a comment with your website listed.


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That's called backlinking by commenting... Might not be a new method actually. But good post, because you card to share it. Appreciate it.:D


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This method is one of the best and most saturated ways to get backlinks that help your website. There are many tools to automate this, such as Scrapebox or xRumer.


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High PR sites might not get you much advertising, but they will provide some good link juice.

High traffic blogs will help with advertising, however.


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that is not a new method,we call it forum/blog marketing,this method is about contribution,not spamming.
useing this method you should show useful information on the comment,then leave your signature with your affilate link in it.

keep trying,I am doing this too,and get some conversation,a good method to promote by newbie


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actually not just blogs that have high rankings for competitive keywords. Blogs that have a huge and active audience have visitors that come directly to them without any search. If you subscribe to their feeds and post the first quality comment (leave your name as a hyperlink) you will get traffic because of the blog itself. This is for traffic not backlinks. Blogs that dont get much traffic will probably not work with this method, .?


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just google it with your niche keyword.
and always check the alexa,choose those blog which have a high alexa rank