Free or Cheap Auto Responder Solution?


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I've tried using gmail and "canned responses" plugin, but for some reason it doesnt work with craigslist. I've also tried Thunderbird, but I don't like how it puts "was: (blahblah)" in the subject and doesn't include the original message. Does anyone know of a free or really cheap solution for auto responding? I'm just starting out again, and I don't have the money to invest yet.


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i can take out the was out of the subject. check out my sales thread, i can set up tbird for you or thebat for you (comes with free pro version and both comes with server secrets which is how to inbox like mad and bypass limits on free emails for CHEAP, under 25 a whole year). comes with 2 campaigns, 2 auto reply settings, organize ur leads 6-12 leads, also i teach you how to do loads of other tricks. for tbird, multiple instances which is imperative for multiple campaigns (ill tell you why when settings up) and taking out the "was" and some other stuff. in thebat i tell you how to postpone if you like, use macros, mass email, and easily reuse leads, plus i have a super cool trick which utilizes your previous recipients :D

i do this all for you, while you watch on teamviewer then i explain it and provide support. pm me for my aim/yahoo name :)

oh btw, nice handle :)