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Article submission should be able to produce traffic for free... As long as you do all of the work yourself... Maybe it'd be good to just read a bit more and save some $$. There are some really useful tools out there to help you to produce traffic but a bunch of them aren't free...


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Yahoo answers....

What you do is, post a question about your keyword.
e.g: "I was wondering if it is posible to do something while blahbalh.."
Then Swith your IP, and run Ccleaner, and log in with another yahoo account, and answer the question with a
meaninfull answer, and in the answer, refer to your site. Your answer should be informative, but not enough to fully satisfy the
question, thus many people reading the post will click to the site.

Then Later, switch to the original account (switch IP and run Ccleaner) and mark the answer as te correct answer

Good luck


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for starting out, and with a limited budget, learn how to write articles very quickly. There are so many ways to use them to get traffic.

1. Submit them to articles directories
2. Read them out loud while recording yourself. Mass submit the video to video sharing websites using tubemongol.
3. Take the audio and turn it into a podcast
4. Compile five of your articles together at a time into a .pdf report and mass submit it to .pdf directories

... use your imagination!


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Social Bookmarking Is great for building backlinks that the search engines love and can send you thousands of visitors to your site for free.

Note: You will start too see traffic right away. I would outsource the creation of the account as it is time consuming. Then find a bookmarking software to submit your site.

Here is a list of of social bookmarking site:
I would then ping a portion of the links for fast indexing.


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There are various kind of promoting channels by which you can get free traffic like articles submission, forum participation,social bookmarking,blog writing,FLD and PLD etc.


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Don't come to surprise that most of the traffic can be generated from the basic IM -
1. Forum
2. Social
3. Campaign
4. Article marketing
5. Link building...
All this available here bro.. :)


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Nothing beats article marketing. Its the meat and potato of free traffic generation. If you are not good at writing article from scratch, just rewrite the article in your own word. Get an article from EZA, use Article Reviser software and re-write the article (its not a spinner. You need to re-write it manually using your own words). 500 words takes you about 15 - 25 minutes to re-write. As you doing it more, you will be re-write in less than 15 minutes per article. Hope this helps.


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I recommend starting with fivver, ebay etc to generate a few bucks a day and use this money to outsource article marketing, build backlinks seo and so on... afret the first profitable website you can stop working for fivver or ebay and just plan and outsource


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can someone send me pm for the simplest method to make money on internet
Instead of asking it here, why don't you copy paste the question above into the search bar in this forum? You will get a lot of result and answer. Please don't ask people to spoon-feed you. There is a lot of great money making information in this forum (not to mention paid product that you can get in this forum for free!) So please give some effort. We will help you only if you put some effort. Your effort shows your commitment.


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What I have learn is that you have to have a mixture of different traffic method. What you have to do is find what's come easy for you and then outsource the rest. Make sure that you send all your traffic to an opt in forum first. The money is in the list