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3 weeks ago I started doing Yahoo Answers regularly and placed a few videos on YouTube. I've seen an increase on my traffic, so I'll just keep doing it.

I also got a good course on tips to increase conversions. This should give me a boost once I start applying the principles.

Thanks to all for your feedback
Is there any resource (ebook, tutorials)here I can check out in regards these specific methods ? I would be highly interested regarding this. thanks!
Guest blogging, Ezine distribution, Blog commenting, and Forum posting are very powerful traffic generation method. As of a course just do a little search on the forum and you'll find plenty of these courses.


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Surprised no one has said Youtube.

Here's the method, it works, and works great for me

1.Upload watermarked video

2. BUY Tube Toolbox (they come out with updates all the time just easier to buy it)

3. Gather friends in your niche

4. Send friend request to them

5. Sync your new friends

6. Send them message

7. Repeat steps 3-6 over and over and over
Use Youtube videos. Simply leave links in the description and get people to click. With a couple of good videos you can get some good targeted traffic.


Make Money Online
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A large portion of Traffic comes from a large spam of vids through multiple youtube accounts, Facebook fanpages, blog posting, Articles directories(articlebase,goarticles), page creators(hubpages,squidoo,etc)
Search engine optimization can be very rewarding. You can get free traffic, plus in the end you can sell the site for its traffic.

You can make tons of money.
I need suggestions on effective methods or systems for free traffic generation.

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Article marketing works for the long term, but it's best that you let your site blow up by itself. Use paid methods as much as possible if you can afford them because they save you a lot of time that you can use to focus on other less important stuff.