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Sep 11, 2009
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This article was written by me, paperkool aka Glen Jon

People are always asking “how do I get more traffic.†That’s the usual question. It’s not magic, although it may appear to be so. Keep in mind the diversity of topics on the world wide web. Search engines pick up on things relevant to what people search for. The engines look for “keywords†and “keyword phrasing.†These are the words that are typed in the search engine when people look for things. The basic concept of getting on organic results is simple yet tedious.

It's a bit difficult giving you a concise answer as to what key words to use, because I don't know exactly what your site is about however, do this. Construct a list of keywords relative to your market. Write blurbs or articles. Target and submit them to "hot" social book marking sites ( twitter etc) and the rest will be automatic. The big engines will pick up on your keywords and organic results will appear.
Key words are powerful magnets. This is a key statement. If a viewer is looking for information on Farming Mushrooms they will not type in Tangerines. They’ll type in “Mushrooms†or “Farming Mushrooms. Titles are powerful magnets also. When you write a blurb or article with the title “Mushrooms, you get categorized in the mushroom category. The search engines will put you there and according to how many other sites are in that category, you will be listed. Try to make your title what a person is submitting in a search. This will make your magnetic hook up easier.

Here’s the trick. High traffic social book marking sites give you the boost. This is where the so called magic comes in. Big search engines take for granite basically, the validity of what ever titles are listed on these site. The search engines grab titles listed on social book marking sites with in minutes. That’s write. Contrary to what most people think, with in minutes, you can have high listing on Top search engines. It sounds crazy but it’s true. It actually blew my mind. I got listed on a particular keyword phrase with in sixty seconds from submission.

Your listing will be proportionate to how much competition you have. You can be a big fish in a small pond, when you select keywords with little or moderate competition. A bunch of them will result in a lot of traffic. This is powerful stuff . Some companies hire people to sit there and submit targeted blurbs all day long. Imagine all of that will amount to crazy mad “targeted traffic.â€