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Alastair Hayward

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Dec 6, 2014
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TOP TIER only traffic allows you to consistently build quality lists for a fraction of the price other providers are charging!

My name is Alastair Hayward and for the last few years I’ve been delivering high quality solo ads to business owners just like you. I pride myself on always delivering the very best clicks possible, and that’s what’s allowed me to build up my business to the size it is today.

The solo ad arena is huge and I’m sure you’ve found yourselves looking at many different providers, wondering WHO and WHY you should buy from any one in particular...... and here’s why I’m different And WHY you need to be using my solo ads to grow your business.

Ever since I can remember I’ve had a keen enthusiasm for entrepreneurship. I’ve sold different types of products all my life and I’ve learnt a lot from it.

One of the BIGGEST lesson I learnt a few years back is: “If you want to have a consistently GROWING business– give your customers WHAT they want, at a HIGHER quality level then your competitors” Pretty simple philosophy... right? Unfortunately a lot of business owners don’t follow this simple principle and you’ll find many of the other solo ad providers don’t provide the quality they should.

- They use worn out lists that have been blasted with
emails day in day out for the last few months
- They don’t add fresh leads to their lists
- They don’t include their buyer leads in their lists
- They over price their clicks
- They supply clicks from non top-tier countries.

And luckily, I’m the opposite!

If you’re ready for HIGH converting, TOP TIER traffic – you’re in the right place!

All of my click packages come with:

- COMPLETE support. You have full access to me during the period of your purchase to ensure everything goes smoothly and your results are as good as they possibly can

- QUALITY clicks. My list is consistently updated with fresh leads and I also include my BUYERS list in all solo ads so you KNOW that people are ready to pull out their card!

- SPEEDY DELIVERY. I hate buying solo ads that take weeks to trickle in... that’s why I GUARANTEE all my clicks within 24-48 hours of the send out date.

So... STOP beating around the bush with other providers and get ready for a MASS of quality traffic TODAY!

Hit me up today my Skype is soloadseller