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Comment on Video : Custom Delay Time [x]
Comment on 1 video with multiple account : Custom Delay Time[x]
Comment on gathered videos with multiple accounts : Custom Delay Time [x]
Send Messages [x]
Send Messages With Videos [x]
Send Messages With Multiple Accounts [x]
Send Messages With User's username : Type $$NAME$$ : [x]
Send Messages To Users who are online [x]
Auto Subscribe To a Certain User [x]
Auto Thumbs Up [x]
Save Usernames [x]
Load Usernames [x]
Proxy Support [x]

++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ ++++++++++++++++++++++++++
Auto Message send (4000 per day ||| Over 200 per hour ||| 10 every 4 minutes)
Auto Message and video send (4000 per day ||| 30 per hour ||| 1 every 2 minutes )
Auto Friend Request (4000 per day ||| 40 per hour ||| 1 every 1 minute 30 seconds )
Auto Friend Request (960 per day ||| 40 per hour ||| 1 every 1 minute 30 seconds ) [Custom Delay Time]
Auto Comment On Video [Custom Delay Time]
Auto Comment on Video with up 20 Account [Unlimited] + [No Captcha] + [No Delay] + [ No Problems =) ]
Up 2 [1440 Comments in 1 day, using 20 accounts]
Video Id's Gathering [Up to 64,000 id's]
More Than 500 user id's you can gather (V2 Could only gather 1 full page) [V3 up to 64,000 id's you can gather]
Web Browser Zoom in and out
5 unique Comments [Only for 20 account] [Using 1 account only uses 1 comment section]
Hide To Tray [Runs in the background] - [Unfortunately still unable to mute browser] (Good for running at night)
Awesome GUI [Graphical user interface] + [ Sexy =) ]
Specific MiliSecond Delay [60 = 1 Sec]
AUTO Log in and Log out for account

Thx You

If you only have 1 account than just load the same account into the messanger you might have to auto stop =)
You only have to have 13 accounts to have to messenger function work without getting the "you have recently sent" = message

Thats it and get views + subscribers + Thumbs up + Comments like crazy =)

Took me all saturday =) So hit that thanks button

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