Get your site indexed within 24 hours on all search engines ( extremly easy method)


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Hello friends ! i recently experienced this method and got my 4 blogs indexed within 24 hours with good PR and receiving a very decent amount of visitors from last 8 days.I wonder where it is shared here before or not but i am still posting it in a sequence and easy style

Here is the 3 steps easy method

STEP # 1....After creating new site or blog simply submit your site at Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Marketing Firm & Placement Company

STEP # 2....Submit your each post to oneview | social bookmarking

STEP # 3....Submit your each post to Posteezy | Post Anything With No Login.

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With step 3, do we still need to ping the post url? Because I was on page 6 on posteezy in only 2 minutes, and I can't imagine Google and the others indexing each and every post on this site or crawling all the links... it looks quite spammy to me, especially with the "no login, just post anything" approach of it.

Oneview was new to me, so I gave you a thanks for that.


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You can reduce the time for getting indexed.
I am able to make a site index within 8 to 12 hours.

I just submit to site like

In twitter just check what are the trends and post some links out there with your blog. It will be crawled even faster.

Also someone already had posted a good site to be submitted to get index faster.


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it is good idea thanks for sharing. Generally I am using fast indexer tool which i found this forum. there are 20 websites i just changed to yourdomain to mydomain in that.