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Hi folks, I've recently started a project called "Golden Profit" where you can invest a small amount of money with me and I'll make money for you with a Sports Betting System that will generate at least a 30% of profit each month.

The share ratio will be for the first 5 months 70/30 (70% for you and 30% for me), but after that it will be 80/20. This is because my purpouse is not to be rich but to help others achieve their long desired financial freedom.

This is a very good opportunity for those who have some capital but don't have the time to research about what method can be used to generate income, or for those who haven't had any results or even for those who are too lazy to know more about internet marketing and just find it too troublesome (tbh I'm the latter :p).

If you have your doubts about the methods used, I understand you, but first make sure to watch these videos where I clearly make nearly 70% or profit in a single month.

NBA Betting System Video part 1:
NBA Betting System Video part 2:
NBA Betting System Video part 3:
NBA Betting System Video part 4:
NBA Betting System Video part 5:

If you want to know more just go to my website Golden Profit Group or write me at [email protected] or to [email protected] if you have any questions (but please first read what's written at my site).

About the payment processors, I mostly use paypal, but alertpay and moneybookers are also accepted.

P.S: The deadline to join and take advantage of the offers you find at my website is this 31 April or after the places are filled, so, hurry up! because I'm already getting a lot of responses!


Make Money Online
How can you guarantee that my money won't be lost or you don't pay me after?
I can guarantee that your money will be 100% safe because I take advantage of deposit bonuses that most sportsbooks give. That means that for every dollar I deposit I receive another dollar as cash bonus. The only disadvantage of this is that I have to fullfill a wagering requirement, and after that I can withdraw the winnings.

About the other question, that's why I ask for trust, I know is hard to trust someone who doesn't have a historial of payments, but within 3 months that will start to change as I show the winnings with my videos and ask for my clients to show proof of their payments.