Griffon New Super Moderator


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Everyone give it up to one SUPER moderator Griffon. This guy has more the earned the right to wear a green coat and we are very proud to see him in it. If you do not know who Griffon is I suggest you read some of his post because this guy knows SEO like no ones business. He has been a TRUE asset to the MMD team and we are very happy to have him with us.

Congrats Griffon you earned it Bro!


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Thank you guys, I really appreciate it. :) It has been great being a part of this forum. Hopefully, I'll be able to contribute even more in the future.


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Congratz with your promotion ! Hope you like the green coulor even more than purple :), you deserved it.


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Nice Grffion! I was expecting it to be you, which means you deserved it. And you do look good in green :top:


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Hey Griffon! Congratulations. You've done great and deserve this promotion. I'm sure you'll do great things with it. You're a great asset and glad to have you on the team. Thank you for your contribution :)
Congrats man. you deserve it. Always not only moderating but also providing quality to the community. Keep it up man. I will get there one day. :)