Have you read the STAFF tutorials???


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I bet most of you have not.

what are you waiting for?

Oh thats right they are in VIP.

I see more and more of you scrambling over the latest downloads that will not get you anywhere. I know I have my share.

The staff here have poured out what they do so you can follow it at your pace.

Now I know I am not supposed to say what is in VIP, but I can not resist. so many of you guys are missing the boat.

You have access to the guys doing what they write so you can get help when you need it.

The staff here has one thing in common, they care about MMD and the members so they are not going to steer you wrong, it comes back on them and the forum.

so how do you sign up for VIP?? look over there --->>>

there is a big square that will take you there.

As I have said before, its not for everyone, if you dont like it cancel and move on, no one will hold it against you. If you do go for it, get the most out of it. ask the other VIP and staff questions in chat, GET the assistance you need to put you over the edge in your IM career.


Take it to the next level and see what VIP can do for you.


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I have joined before and feel it is yet time to join again. I keep beating my head over what to do and how to do it. Maybe I could just ask highly targeted questions to get me the right answers. Who knows maybe I could even find long term partnerships. That could further propel our earnings.


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Welcome to VIP mark.
I guarantee you will make back your VIP cost if you implement some of the methods in the staff tutorials section. If you need help with anything, just ask in the chatbox or PM any staff members and we will get you on the right track.


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just saw there will be a price change tonight for VIP, good you got in before it changed.

although at the new price you would pay more than that for the information if it was sold outright.


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I already made my money back if you count some of the things I was able to obtain in there. Not saying what, but I am a very happy customer.