help a procrastinator


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hi all - after taking some action I again started to procrastinate and now I am back trying to motivate me
reading thru my library - guess its complete like

i listen to Anthony Robbins ((Time of Your life & Reach your destiny ))
Brain Tracy : eat that frog
The now habit by Dr Neil foir
Sybervision Neuropsychology of Self-Discipline
Nick Hall : I Know What To Do, So Why Don't I Do It
David Allen Getting things done
They all make sense , i tried there techniques still no result

even i tried some new age stuff like law of attraction , Self-hypnosis & bran wave entertainment

Again No result .

I don't know what i can say
3 years trying to get rid of procrastination & learn Self-Discipline
i haven't given up hope yet but i get negative feeling every time i waste my time

does anybody know what I could do?


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only allow yourself so much time per day to spend in forums and stick to it. while it may be educational, it's also a fantastic way to procrastinate and suck the life out of your day. If you spend ALL DAY reading and posing in forums, you're not taking action on this stuff.


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Just set yurself a list of tasks to do every day and tick them off one by one.
One main reason for procrastination is thinking you have too much to do it overwhelms you.
Take it one step at a time.


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Go to your FB account and post like this "I will get 100K by the end of this year from Internet Marketing. So, watch out guys!" Do it everyday to create a buzz. People will keep asking hows your business going and it will keep you motivated.


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Maybe your expecting too much of yourself? Procrastination is a habit. Go-getting is a habit. Start doing your tasks, idk 20-30 minutes a day, every day. Create a habit. Sooner or later you couldn't even imagine not doing what needs to get done. Sure 20, 30 mins. sounds like nothing, but it's a start. Just realize that CHIVALRY AIN'T COMING! My favorite quote by the way. If you want to get something done, your the only to do it. If you procrastinate no one is going to get your work done for you.


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Download and install and application called "The Action Machine", a nice little tool which really works! I suggest you try it at least once.


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Go find something that you REALLY need or want. Get a picture of it and post it over your desk, so
you see it all the time. Now you have a reason to get working, as that is your target.


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the best thing ive found to keep me motivated is to put a picture of the goal you wish to achieve, ie - new home, car, luxury holiday and put an image of that as your desktop picture. when you're feeling lazy, look at that picture and just take one step forward everyday. good luck :)


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Plan for it. If you know that you are going to procrastinate, schedule it into your day. I know that I am going to waste at least an hour or two catching up on sports scores and fantasy teams, so I schedule it in. The same is true with glancing through forums. While this doesn't solve the problem immediately, it will allow to start tracking how much time you waste and where you waste it. Once you know, then you can do something about it.


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go and read this book search in google without the _ Self-Discipline_in_10_days_-_How_To_Go_From_Thinking_To_Doing
awesome ebook helped me out alot has a lo techniues in there to get work done