Help Required: Did you deal before with Electronic Cigarettes?


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Hi Guys,

what's up?

Well, I've got an interesting offer for a day job- but they gave me one weird test before I get to fly to an interview (hell yeah it's in another country!!) . I should promote for a week their Electronic Cigarettes website.

The "starter kit" product costs 55$, and they pay affiliates 15$ CPA.

The test is to start bringing 3-4 sales a day, for about 5 days. (the website is Electronic Cigarette by foreversmokes)

Now, here are my questions:

1) Have you dealt with that niche before? How's the payout that this company offers?

2) Since I need affiliates to promote the products pretty fast, I thought about adding a bonus that I'll pay them my self (maybe extra 10$ a piece). Do you think it's a good idea?

3) Can you recommend any other tool for a quick-JV regarding to that project?

Thanks in advance :)




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Haven't dealt with their company but one word of advise -

With so much crap in the media about the stuff they're putting in some of these things it's not going to be long before some regulations start clamping down on them. I'd be careful before putting too much time into something which could be shut down in the near future.

Just my two cents. :) I have one and I did some reading into it, there's some dodgy stuff going on with them from some companies.


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Alright Mono,
I'm gonna take your advice.

In fact, thanks to you, I have something better cooking :) hope it will work out!
Can you elaborate on some of the "dodgy" stuff that they are including in these electronic cigarettes? I have only heard good things about them and that they include water vapor and liquid nicotine to help smokers with the cravings without the 4,000 chemical ingredients that are found in cigarettes. It can't be that much worse than smoking a real cigarette, right?
I hate electronic cigarettes. The are stupid, what is the point? They are still as bad as regular cigs.. If you want to quit smoking, I think you should better try some Chantix like that from Canadian Pharmacy, for example. It will work much better for you
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