Hey any suppliers?


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Hey guys So i've been selling a certain collectoble item that when it sell it gives a decent return but i want to expand my horizon to an item that i can sell more fluently. As in Profit, and insured sales. Anyone have any wholesalers? / product ideas / good dropshippers?


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Import stuff from China.. There's a thread about it somewhere here, that has a good collection of ebooks.
I'd give them to you, but the computer that has it had it's hard drive crash.


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If you are looking for electronic products like mobile phones, PDAs and accessories then you can try brandsdragon.com they provide quality products from china and provides dropshipping as well


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Never purchase anything from China.. They are scammers , stole my money worth $1200 for the iphone..Never use western union or money gram.. use paypal as payment only.


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Use aliexpress.com - Its the sister site to alibaba.

All transactions are done via escrow.

Your payment for products etc are not releashed until you are 100% happy.


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Don't sell the china stuff. Pretty much all fakes, and a good way to get banned from ebay. At least for the popular items. If you want to sell accessories etc. cheap shit that you can only make small amounts on, then go for the china stuff. My advice, if you want to get into the stuff that will pretty much always sell: go for xbox, iphone, playstation, blackberry etc. BUT, buy used and damaged items off of craigslist and resell on ebay. You will be shocked at the market on ebay for damaged items, do a little completed items searching under the advanced search tab on ebay and you will surely get some ideas. I used to sell iphones, bought them off of craigslist for cheap and resold for profit between $40-150 on ebay.