How can I choose a good software development company?


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Hi everyone! I'm relatively new here, but I think that you can help me. I am looking for a company, which can help me build a mobile app. I've found a platform called clutch, which includes a lot of development teams. What is the best way to choose a company?


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Well, its great you have an idea and you want to develop it. You have to go on a search for various development companies and you need to check their website. From the company website you can gather a lot of information you can even check on what technologies they work on and what benefits you will be getting by working with that company. If you are really looking for good development company I would like to suggest you read this article
In general choosing the software development company will be strongly connected with your certain needs/goals, which type of work you want to have in the end so without knowing such details it's hard to recommend you something certain. I can recommend you just to look through various companies in net, there are very many of them, and choose the one according to these tips:
- heck the consultancy’s technology expertise
- always check the reviews about the certain company from other people
- try to find a company with the same size as yours, it's usually the most effective decision for many software development projects
- make sure that the company has a proper post software development support system
- don't limit your budget too much because cheap companies usually make low-quality work
Also as the best ones in this sphere are for example Exadel, Radixweb, Innovecs , Orases, Praxent, XSolve and Apriorit.