How do I get started?

I am sure you have heared this a lot but still I am asking and I still dont know if this is the right section.
I invented a nice niche for me and want to get started with making money online. My idea was creating a blog or website.
However I dont know if I should create a blogspot account and use the simple adsense ads oder if I should create an own blog on my own website with some nice ads which are not from google.
Another question: Where do I get my domain and webspace from? Since I am from Germany I am not sure if can help me with this question. But this leads me to another question: Should I write my blog/website in english(more viewer but less interest in my niche) or in german where I am sure that those who read are truly interested.

I hope you can help me :)
For hosting I recommend hostgator, they are the best by far in my opinion.

For registering a domain name I recommend namecheap or godaddy, they have the best rates.

Good luck.