How to Control the Google Auto Suggestions Dropdown Window


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Has anyone figured out a way to control the Google Auto Suggest feature that creates an instant dropdown list of keyword phrases that you might be interested in?

Google dials up the keywords: Your Company with the keyword scam even with super low monthly searches.


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i'd just seo the heck out for "your company" + scam keywords, very low competition and it's an excellent way to get good pr... be careful how you do it though, people can see through obvious promotions and shills very easily.

maintaining good pr while countering negative pr is an art and skill that takes years of experience. or just some talent :)


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i don't believe there is a way to alter the suggestions google gives. if there are negative suggestions, then try to rank high for the negative suggestions as well even if you have to create a seperate page or site to do it.


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The only way that I know have was able to change that was to pay people to search me with the term I want. I paid about $300 for some kids to type the term I want on Google. They did about 3000+ searches and finally it changed.