How to make up to $4k or more a month!


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Well some people make 4K a week with this depending on how much you focus. It is not some BS pretend I'm a girl on a porno site. It is selling Diabetic strips on e-B-a-y. I just did a search using Hammertap and the last 30 days they had a sell through of over 80%. That is totally insane! I dont have all the details but basically you post classified ads on the net or newspaper to buy unused strips. Then they sell for a big profit on e-B-a-y.

  • Place classified ads. The text doesn't vary - except for my phone number.
  • Answer phone calls.
  • Meet people, inspect Diabetic Test Strip packages, and pay them cash.
  • Place auctions on Ebay.
  • Package up Test Strips.
  • Ship Packages at the US Post Office.
So the "Need To Know" list is....short:

1. Cut-n-paste.

2. Maybe talk on phone.

3. Count cash.

4. Dump boxes into bigger boxes, add packing peanuts.

5. Apply packing tape. Set up Packing Label online (customer gets a QUICK notify).

6. Go to the Post Office.

7. List new auctions - cut-n-paste again.

More Info:

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I do not understand what is this about.

You buy diabetic strips over newspaper ads and sell them on eBay?
At what price do you buy them? I found 50 pcs at $ 23 (not eBay, in shop), that means 1 pc is about $ 2.
So your price must be cheaper. But you have to meet all the people personally, so you have to pay for gas, if you do not live in a large city you even have to pay more gas.

I doubt this will make you big money ...


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Great share!!

There really is no end to how many products you can do this with. I make about $1500 a month doing this with cell phones. There is usually a ton of room to negotiate with people who are looking to sell their old cell phone on craigslist. I can sometimes make over $100 reselling on ebay. Of course, the downside is that you have to have a lot of cash on hand to buy the products if you want to scale this business up.


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I was wondering why people were running block ads in the paper here to buy them. But looking at eBay it seems that certain brands do much better and the profit isn't that high so you gotta turn them over pretty fast. Wonder why people would sell you their diabetic strips? Seems odd, unless they are getting them free or something with medicaid.