How to manage all the accounts?

Hey guys just registered a few weeks ago and have been loving all the content here.

I have jumped head first into IM and starting to get overwhelmed with all the accounts I'm starting to pile up.
Just wanted to know if there is any software members use to keep track of all the blog/twitter/email accounts?

So far I just started putting things in an excel spreadsheet but seems like there has to be a better method?


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I just write them down on Paper, emails , just start , all emails have same password , if there is networks where you need other password i just write it down next to username . So if something gets banned i just delete it from paper :) easy


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IM Buzz Software offers a password manager for free. You can also go to Leads Leap . com and sign up there. Grab their affiliate program management software. It's free, and it will help you manage all your affiliate accounts.

I use Roboform to manage all my passwords, and you can turn it into a nice little semi automated submission tool to help you do your marketing submissions faster. Sooner or later though you have to upgrade. Worth the $30 though.
I just keep everything in my memory, so I have to change passwords from time to time, because I forget them. But I have a list of passwords that I can use for my accounts, so I first check if they are suitable. But recently I found and installed a new feature for booking on my salon's website. And the password of the program is the only thing I wrote down XD Some passwords are really important! Although I'm the owner, I'd curse myself if I forget it.