How to Maximize Your PPC ROI?

I share few steps for maximize your PPC ROI.
1. Implement ad extensions ( Sitelink extensions, Location extensions, Call extensions, etc., )
2. Make ads time sensitive
3. Track the stats on your ads and adapt ( CTR, CPC, Conversion Rate )
4. Shoot for long-term results.
PPC stands for Pay-Per-Click is an online advertising model which used to the advertiser can display ads to their product or services when users can search online about this type of product or services. It used to drive direct traffic to websites, in which advertiser pays to the publisher when the Ads is Click. If you want to increase ROI of your PPC Campaign. Please try some options, sure it helps to increase ROI of PPC as-
- Improve Ads Quality
- Track, Tweak and Monitor your Campaign
- Block unwanted click fraud
- Test Price in Your Ads
- Monitor Daily Impression
- Make Ads Time Sense
- Bids on your Brand