How to Monetize a Marijuana Forum :confused:

Hi all, we have banner space available on a marijuana forum (5-8 million monthly page views). :eating: We cannot promote any marijuana related products and few advertisement networks are obviously interested in doing business with us. Hence I though that someone who knows a thing or two about monetizing unconventional websites might be able help us out.

Thank you. ;)


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Well there are not many options as you have acknowledged but if you
think a bit out the proverbial box U might can come up with something.
The Key here is probably Niche-In Advertising(Made that up)
Meaning probably wanna explore options exclusively within your Niche!

Like say for instance you contact these folks
Products | Medical Marijuana Bottles

After doing a bit of research of Course Site Info

And as you have a pretty nice Traffic stats you could
offer them a Ad spot on your site.

or any other related site with low traffic and high ambitions!
Like say these guys
The Weed Blog | Marijuana News And Information
who have an ad space banner as well(ambition)
Make them realize a Paid spot on your page
could bring them potential clients to fill that
ads banner advertisement space.

Next you could sell digital Compilations
Like Ebooks for instance

"10,000 beautiful Cannabis Photos to sooth
the Soul and heighten the appetite"

Grab a scrapper and scrape.

Pretty sure the owners of these photos probably
wont be filing a copyright Infringe..They're probably raiding the Fridge -lol
(Little word-Play Humor) very Little!

But a Nice workaround Could be to put an email addy submit box and build up a Your mailing list of Cannabis Connoisseurs .
promise to and then send them new tips and things like that.
Can allude to the fact that some of the emails may contain Special surprises-lol
Their Stoned minds will start to wander and wonder...:creep:
"mmm I wonder If they're going to send me? Nawwwww!"
They will be waiting for the email like a toke and pass recipient!:canabis:
Now you can, Away from the Site and as a Confirmed opt-in Emails List campaign, send out a Magical promo deal from one of ur affiliate offers.
Sure they're some networks that can work with this Process Flow.

Tell your newsletter readers they will feel Euphoric While filling out the Magical form - lol
It's a New find called " Sponsor Form fill Buzz " LMAO

I don't know buddy just having a bit of fun here as well as trying
to get you to thinking and Out The Hazy Daze!

You know the more I think about it
that last literary illusion might work. mmmmmm!


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You couldn't promote anything out of a headshop like pipes or anything? I know there are some affiliate programs for some grow guides as well. A little weird that you can't promote anything Mjane related.
Thank you all for your input. :bandit: I did already thought about some things, but it helped me to rethink it.

We have a business deal with the forum in place that gives us the right to place banners. We are, however, not the owner of the forum and they sell toking paraphernalia in their webshop.

When I checked their shop, I noticed that they do not sell all kinds of toking products. Hence, we might be able to promote some products that do not directly compete with them. We could also target that. For instance, promoting seeds on the marijuana growing forum.

Promoting other websites that are different from their website (them not being forums about marijuana) might be a good idea. The reason for this is that we can also offer them additional services that increase, among other things, traffic. :marchmellow:

At the moment we are not producing any content ourselves. It is something we are considering doing for larger websites. For now we just specialize in what we do best.

I am a little sceptical about collecting e-mails addresses. At first sight it does not seem to me that a young audience from mainly the United States would sign-up for this. Though many tokers also seem to me to be a kind of "one dimensional man" :D who would sign-up for everything provided it is related to marijuana.

Probably it would also make sense to mix different strategies for monetizing a little. We can then see what works best, target it and it might not be a good thing if readers see the same thing on every page to begin with.


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I know this is probably a little to "simple" of a solution but I've seen at various times in the past different email submit offers that were actually directly targeted to your audience. I believe the one was a vote on the Prop 19 bill outta California and what your opinion was. I'll be honest it was well over a year ago so I can't relate to anything too recent but maybe you could look into something like that, even just as a temporary thing until you find something more suitable.
Take a look at special marijuana and vaping related forums, I am sure they are very relevant to your niche. I would also consider promoting cannabis oil as it is extremely popular product today, it is usage is very wide all over the world and there are tons of potential customers around.