how to promote a website for free?


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OK i have no money what so ever to promote my website. i have a website to buy thing i was wandering is there a way to get traffic to my website for no money.if there is any one to do my work then please tell me.

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ok i have no money what so ever to promote my website i have a website to buy thing i was wandering is there a way to get traffic to my website for no money if there is will some one please tell me
There is a way to get traffic to your website for:
1) Directory Submission: Directory submission's three types are 'Free', 'Paid', and 'Reciprocal', In this types you can use free directory submission

2) Article Submission: In the article submission also used to increase traffic in your website.

3) Press Release: Press Release is a written or recorded communication directed at members of the news media for the purpose of announcing something claimed as having news value.

4) Blog Posting: The most important aspect of writing a blog post are keywords. Your post needs to be keyword rich in order to attract a large audience. This can be accomplished using website traffic monitoring and other tools.

5) Blog Comments: The main factor in making this decision was the time and energy freed up by not having to deal with comments.

6) Forum Posting: Forum Posting is a way to get one way quality links, creating a link of your website with target anchor text in the signature line of your postings, is known as signature in the forum, and when we take part on your behalf, related to your website and do posting, reply the old threads, its called Forum Posting Services.

7) Social Bookmarking: Social bookmarking is a method for Internet users to organize, store, manage and search for bookmarks of resources online. Unlike file sharing, the resources themselves aren't shared, merely bookmarks that reference them.


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I would recommend free directory submissions and classified ads. I have huge list for directories and classified sites. If you would interest, let me know


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Hey, why don't you try to make a thread in this great forum :) And then you can put the source (of course your site), people will recognize you. Simply copy and paste to another forum if you had much time. Use this to search forum out there : *
and any other online community... ask others to pass the word. flyers. business cards. stickers on the car... they all work!!! every little bit counts! good luck!



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I will assume that you have your own domain name, and we'll work from there.

The first thing I would do is sign up for a account. Add all your services. Complete your profiles for all the services that are included. If your site has an RSS feed, make sure you add it so that every time you update your site you'll update your status on all your sites.

Write articles. Not really hard to do. With a 400 word article you write 3 tips, fill in each tip with 3 - 4 sentences, write a conclusion, and a resource box. Make sure you use relevant keywords to your site.

Best article directories are here. Personally, with the way things have changed, I'd write a different article for each one and then submit a different article to each one (You'll find tons of spinners here so spin your articles. Just make sure they read well, i.e. quality content.)

List Of Top 50 Article Directories By Traffic, PageRank

If you have a blog, of course, you want to guest blog. You can use a site like or to help you find guest blogging opportunities.

Forums are great places to market, even now. Create a good profile, add a sig if they let you, and get involved. Look for forums that are popular, have lots of members and lots of traffic.

Free classifieds. Give something away. Build a list. Some good sites are: ******,, There are others. Use Alexa to tell you the top sites for this.

Social marketing: Facebook, Myspace, LinkedIn. One thing I would recommend here is to look for social networking sites in your niche if they exist. You will actually have good or better luck marketing on these sites than if you market on the general sites.

The most important thing to do here is to learn one technique at a time. Use it. When you get it, add a new one. Marketing is the law of averages, and the more you market, the more you can test and find out what is working for you.

This plan I just gave you has built in backlink building. Also, if you want even more backlinks, the tool I use (I have no idea who owns this) is Comment Kahuna. I like this software because it will give you do follow links for blogs, and you can look for sites that use CommentLuv too. This will allow you to display the title and a short snippet for your latest post. It's absolutely free, but it does require you to sign up for the list.

Free Link Building Software | Comment Kahuna

Questions? I've written books on this, so if this seems a little siimplistic, I'm trying to condense a lot of information into a forum post and make it as easy as possible! LOL

Good luck with your site.


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manual commenting on related blogs could work too, probably even better than a comment bot because it's posting related and readable comments with your website backlink.