How to promote my content?

Please tell me some websites or blogs (if any), where i can promote my content (educational articles).

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You could promote your website on YouTube, facebook, twitter, they are really popular website where you could promote your product.
Here are some ways,you can go through :

1. Send your content to Email list
2. Share it on Social Media
3. Send an outreach mail
4. Mention an influencer
5. Submit your post to a content community
6. Connect with a mentoring
7. Try to focus on such places that gets the best results.
8. Paid ads and remarketing

These are an essential strategies through you can implement for your business.
Here's a plan:

1. Create content or optimize already existing content for "medium tail keywords" in Google
2. Build links to that content with a combination of strategies like blogger outreach, broken link building, and participation in relevant forums and blogs
3. Rank that content through continuous promotion
Submit your post on niche content submission communities. Make sure the community has an engaged audience. Don't just drop your link. Add a description and how your content adds value to the community. Don't just promote your own content. Play by the rules of the community.
post your content on facebook, twitter, LinkedIn and all social media sites.
create blogs and do a blog submission like, and etc.
and also do more promotions like social bookmarking sites, image sharing site ,PPT,PDF submissions and more
Find some blog authors or guest blogging sites that are accepting guest posts. Then email them for quest posting, if they accept forward the quality content for publishing. However, it is not easy as how you think, you will get accepted replies rarely. But keep trying creating quality content and sharing.
Many people have so much success with their content marketing strategy that's because they have hundreds of thousands of readers. You want your hard work to drive new customers, land more leads, and warm up prospects. if you want to promote content globally do some things different as-
- Create 2.0 Web building
- Share on popular social media site
- Mention Source when promote
- Email Marketing
- Connect more Peoples
- Share content in different formate like infographics, video, image, ppt, pdf etc
  • Send an email broadcast. ...
  • Engage with your community. ...
  • Pay to promote. ...
  • Reach out on social media. ...
  • Connect with influencers outside of social. ...
  • Ask to include your content. ...
  • Write for others.