How to Start a Successful YouTube Channel in 2020/2021


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Jul 28, 2014
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How to become a pro on youtube and gain millions of views and subscribers in any country using the power of S.E.O and Hashtag

What you'll learn

Create your own successful YouTube channel
Grow your brand with a YouTube channel
Get more YouTube views with different methods
Get more YouTube subscribers with strategies
Make high-quality videos
Post and optimize videos with great titles, descriptions and tags Create clickable thumbnails that get more views
Get ranked first in search engines with S.E.O, Hashtags and many others.


You should have a Computer and or Mobile Phone to start the channel
You should have some idea for what type of YouTube channel you want to start
You should create a Google account so you can sign up for a YouTube account ( I will show you how the simplest and easiest in the course


YouTube channels are a great way to build an audience and get lots of reward from. Some of the bigger channels get millions of views every month from making simple videos! However, getting your name out there isn't as easy as you think. YouTube is a very competitive space, and only the very best make it to the top. With this course, you will be able to produce videos that stand out from the crowd, grow your name, and maybe even grow a channel with millions of views and hundreds of thousands of subscribers on record. But, how do you do this? Making a YouTube channel and producing quality content is harder than you think. With this course, I will teach you all of the material and techniques you need to not only create a channel and make high quality content, but also using some easy techniques to improve your ranking in the search results, and beat out the competition. Not only that, but all of the programs used are cost free of charge . In this course, we will cover everything, from being an absolute beginner to having a fully working YouTube channel with edited, high-quality videos. In this course, we will teach you:

How to create a google account from the very beginning, and how to create "Brand Accounts" to use on YouTube.

Explaining the YouTube interface, including all of the different widgets and sections on the front page of your YouTube channel, and also all of the different sections and settings you can change in the New Creator Studio and YouTube settings.

How to prepare and setup your channel to get it ready for making videos and gaining views and subscribers, such as making high-quality profile pictures and channel art using photo editing software. Adding featured channels, making different playlists, and much more.

How to record high-quality videos using the best your mobile phone, camera or screencast from Camtasia software.

Learn how to create an engaging and eye-catching YouTube channel thumbnail.

I am going to be teaching you how to edit your raw recorded footage from scratch (Also using Camtasia software ) to create entertaining videos. I will start from the very basics, including explaining what is in each tab and how to use the software ..

You will learn how to create a custom YouTube video thumbnail and upload it to YouTube. I will explain what people are looking for in a good thumbnail and how to create nice thumbnails to make sure your video will stand out from the rest of the competition.

I will teach you how to Finish your Video, and upload it to YouTube, making sure you know how to add all of the features and necessary content to make your video stand out from the rest.

Finally, I will teach you a couple of secret tricks and tips to make sure your video ranks high in the YouTube Search results using SEO, and making sure that your channel gets lots of views and subscribers quickly. I will also teach you some techniques to make lots of people look at your channel through free promotion and advert getting you lots of views and subscribers fast.

If you want to be successful on YouTube then this course is for you.

Who this course is for:

Individuals and organizations who want to start a successful YouTube channel in 2020/2021
YouTubers struggling to grow their channel, get views, get subscribers on YouTube
Anyone that wants to create their own YouTube channel, who hasn't done so before and doesn't have any experience with videos YouTube Businesses, entrepreneurs, online teachers, actors, actresses, entertainers, teachers... anyone that wants to build their own brand.





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Hola, hola!
Thankyou So Much! alexian
I will definitely be digging into this... My partner who had several 2 million follower channels just walked..

Is anyone Else doing this?? I'd love to share Strategies & Tactics. I definitely want to talk to people who are doing this fulltime! / or about to start. Perhaps we can cook up some strategies, to Dominate our respective markets? also anyone doing Facebook Video & streaming, Twitch, TicTok, all of it..

I'm a coder and developing things like algorithms that can find & generate videos, Identify & segment Scenes, Remove watermarks, understand objects in the scene. And other fancy things to automate this business model. working on adding speech synthesis (those really realistic sounding robot videos) I just worked at a movie studio Pre-corona btw.

If anyone else is on Linux, you have to use:
`sudo apt install -y p7zip-full
7z x YouTube\ Channel\ in\`

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Screenshot from 2020-10-31 05-47-29.png
The Course is all there! And the guy teaching it is really Unique! (he's not westerner) and from a poor nation.I really believe he Did what he said he did! and made the course to document it and teach others.

- Ben
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