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Hiya :)

I'm from the UK, and have been messing with the online investment / PTR game for a few years now (3 I think lol - at my age you become more forgetful)

Found this forum through sign profit, but having read a few posts it seemed friendly enough so I thought that I'd give this one a go :)


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Hi all

Very nice to meet you here, I hope to learn more from you and earn money from here

best wishing to you.



Hello everyone,

I'm Bob from Texas, USA. I found this site from one of your banners being advertised on a PTR site.

I have been doing PTR now for about 1 1/2 yrs.. I also browsed around alittle and saw some familiar names.

I'm going to check out the rest of the forum now. :byebye:


hi everybody
i am a newbie here. my name is amardas. i am from india. i found about gpf on sign profit site. in india interne speed is slow compared to other countries so it took me minutes to open this [introduce yourself] page. on other forums there is provision to make new thread for introduction . i hope that admin will kindly look in this matter.


hi everybody,

I'm Meisner...seem that's my nickname; wasnt my name but I chose that name to enter the online earning world so let call me Meisner :D

I'm from Vietnam but 's living at UK nearly 4ys; I'm newbie with that kind of paid by posts.

Glad to meet u all :)


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Hello to all GPF family

My name is duyduy, I'm from Indonesia..
Nice to meet you all..

Hope GPF will become #1 Forum in the net. :exciting:
Keep the success with you.

Ms. Torch

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Welcome, Everyone to our Forum!
Believe me, we notice when each one of you join but don't always have the time to answer each of you.

Thank you to all of you for helping our forum grow bigger and better every day!

Ms. Torch


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Hello Dr P, I am very impressed by your kind personal gesture in welcoming every member here. i am from India and I sure like everyone here.



My name isYaMing. I'm from china, SiChuang. I'm 30. I knew about this forum from

. My login there is GooG, Ask,Can use Chinese in Chinese discussion area to discuss?


Wow - this forum is growing fast! It's really nice to see so much new members in just few days! Way to go :exciting:



I'm Zhao

From Indonesia

Not that much of my people here, huh?

Hope it'll not be for too long

I'll try my best to drag everyone from my forum(s), to come here

Wish me luck!

By the way, Nice to meet you all!