Introduce Yourself Here


I'm Zhao

From Indonesia

Not that much of my people here, huh?

Hope it'll not be for too long

I'll try my best to drag everyone from my forum(s), to come here

Wish me luck!

By the way, Nice to meet you all!
Hey zhao nice to meet you what got me interested in marketing is the class in college I'm taking on marketing what about you?


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Hey everybody my name is Marino Diaz. I'm from Bronx, New York. I found out about mmd by googling top 10 marketing forums.My major is accounting in Bronx community college.
Hey there Marino, Welcome to the Show My Friend !

Have a look around and see what captures you interest and if you have any questions
just post it and I'm sure one of us will come along and assist you best we can....
Once again, Welcome aboard!
Hi community, my name is Peter. I'm from Ukraine, Kyiv.
I'm a Digital Marketing enthusiast, working almost with every aspect for the last 3 years. Starting from Sales and ending up in BizDev by now.
Would be glad to gain some new information and share some personal experience as well! ;)
We would like for the MMD forum to be a very close and enjoyable forum. Please stop by here before you post and introduce yourself to you everyone. Where your from, how you found out about MMD and any other things you would like for us to know about you. Please dont be bashfull.

Hi you can call me Winnie and I'm from the Philippines I am here to introduce ViewFruit website


Hello, I am EldonFrami and I am a 26-year-old guy from London. I like playing online games and spending time on social sites because it gives me relaxation and enjoyment.
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