Is newspaper inserts a great offline way of marketing?


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With the sales of newspapers on the decline, I would suggest you contact other people who have the inserts in there and ask what their ROI is on them. You can also tell if they are getting a good ROI if they keep putting the flyers in there! I am not sure what a "limited auto insurance license" is, but consider making a newsletter that offers good tips that will help your target client, and ALWAYS make sure to include your contact info and why you can help them. Send these to everybody you know! Also, think of other creative ways to get your name out there. Think differently and you will stand out. After you get a few clients, it is time to work SO much in their favor to make them happy that word of mouth advertising will begin. Good luck getting those clients!
What about some offline promo items like some lapel pins from, for example? i think they are really interesting and might work well these days. Maybe you will find them helpful to you, think about it
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Its depend on your locality and what people think about your business. I was also tested this method and get more then 250 inquores call