Is there a way i can get a tips on someone that know SEO?


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What is Search engine optimization(SEO)? It is the art of getting your web pages rank high in the search engines. Some people think that SEO is so complex that they cannot possibly understand it. Still others think that to rank high at the search engine depends on a stroke of luck. Use text not graphics for your web design. Web pages that are loaded with graphics are not friendly to search engines' crawlers. Search engines classify and rank pages by text, not graphics. Build your web page content around specific key phrases. Your web pages must have specific themes. It would be very difficult to rank high for generic terms. Research carefully and select 2 or 3 word phrases pertaining to your niche to optimize. Don't just optimize your home page. Work on your sub pages. You want as many pages as possible to be indexed and ranked well. Organize your website internal links. You want all your web pages to be crawled and indexed by the search engines. You want to make it easy for crawlers to find your internal pages. It is best to include text links to these pages from your home page, and to cross-link all your web pages.

If your navigational system uses Java-script or images, then you have to add text links at the top or bottom of your web pages to make sure that the crawlers follow all the links. Double-check all your links to verify they are working. URL and file names. The URL and file names are important indicators to search engines. It is good SEO practice to put your key phrases either in your main domain name or in your file names. Title and description tags. Your title text is displayed in the blue line at the top of your browser. It is located in the head section of the html document. Include your key phrase in your title tag. Description tags are not visible to website visitors. Search engines often display them as text form to give searchers a cursory glance of your web pages is. Your description tags should be compelling to pull in visitors. It should contain your key phrase. Add fresh content to your website and regularly update it. Both search crawlers and your website visitors feed on content. Web pages with fresh informative content tends to be bookmarked. If you add fresh content regularly, other webmasters would naturally link to your web pages.


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All you need to do is to search the Internet for tips and tutorials read them and try to implement as you learn. Also participate in SEO discussion forums, read blogs such as and assimilate as much knowledge as you can.

There is no short cut to SEO, it is a long learning process.