Is VIP worth it? You're d*** right it is.


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I confess. I never actually started in the Introduce yourself thread like most newbies do. Frankly, it never even occurred to me. I first stumbled on to MMD by using Google search. Every time I searched for some product or some solution getting rave reviews, there MMD would be, linking to what I couldn't seem to find anywhere else.
I joined, dug in...and quickly realized just how easy it could be to get caught up in information overload.

But still, I didn't join VIP until recently. Why? Because time and again, I noticed that all of the best threads seemed to be started by the same group of people. Either MMD moderators or people who had joined VIP. I saw a few of those VIP members raving about some method that helped them go from struggling to succeeding. I'm not talking about fairytale money. I'm talking about real sustainable income that seemed doable for anyone willing to sweat and work.

I wanted in on that. And as you can see. I finally got in on that. Oh, not that big bang money wise yet. But that's due more to balancing a full time job and IM. I've finally found my stride there and hope to really put the time in. But for someone who has been researching and dreaming IM dreams for the last few years, I can honestly say I have finally found different ways to put some extra cash in my pocket and am working hard to rinse, repeat, and scale. All thanks to MMD VIP. For $20 a month, it's more than worth risk...if you can call that a risk.

And when I can, you guys can best believe that I will share just like others have shared with me.


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This is what I am talking about. I am glad to see you with us man. Let's work on making IM your full time career for 2011!
i'm new to this MMD and i'm confused on how can you earn through this MMD.Can somebody explain to me in details about it? sorry if i'm out of topic but i'm curious and want to learn more about the VIP thing...thanks ;)


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VIP is the pride and they joy of MMD. We staff have put in many many man hours to make sure that you have tutorials that walks you through making money. These tutorials are things that we ourselves use to make money. So they DO work. As of last week I started giving webinars on Sunday and next week I am gonna start on series of webinars that is gonna help people to set up and make money and get traffic with a website. Later on when things everyone is on the same page with there website I will teach everyone my BTS - Burst traffic system. With this system you can fall off the map and make xxx month. So you are gonna learn everything with this next series of webinars. Just something to think about.