Joining VIP - Are you on the fence?


Hey Everyone

First off I'll give a little background, I have been a member of this forum for about a year now, VIP for over 6 months. All I did was read and never participated much I bought VIP and I didn't even use it. Then I saw the Admins sending out PM's about whats coming for VIP's and give testimonials. Well I couldn't give one back then but I sure can now. Its because of the course that Smeltzer is putting on that I had the chance to go out and join a bunch of different Forums all similar to this one. Well I thought they were similar until I started reading there posts, answering there questions, reading the admins answers and how poorly the other forums compare to this one.

MMD is like a family, The people here want you to succeed, The Admin, Mods and veterans actually give a shyte about you(the newbs) and are just willing to help. Now not having VIP is great this forum is still the best one I have seen and I have joined about 25 forums. That being said the VIP section will blow your mind here, Who else has a 24/7 chat to talk and network with the best of the best in Internet Marketing, No one. The content in the VIP section has been face-lifted and contains absolute gold. I mean easy methods on how to make money, they just give it to you. Step by step ways and all you have to do is apply it. You show them you are trying and working and when you have a question they give actual answer. So that is my rant, take it or leave it. you want to be a serious Internet Marketer I suggest you support the Best Forum out there, MMD



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Right now i have 35$ - i'm waiting to get 50$ to become VIP :)
It is the most quality internet marketing forum.
thank you!


No Problem Hatan, When you get the 50 and get VIP, make sure you apply things that they teach to make that money back and more, I was lazy for quite some time just reading.