Joomla SEO?


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i've looked at some dated articles and biased research and they all tell the same thing: Joomla sucks in terms of Search Engine Ranking/Optimization/Friendly.

My question is Why?

Is it the coding structure?

The Link structure?

I have zero coding experience and just want to know the reason behind it, if its even true at all.

And also, please point out tutorials or components to fix this issue.


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I cannot give you all the answers to your questions but in my opinion Joomla! is no better or worse than any other CMS for SEO.

I have hosting on godaddy with joomla installed and one of my sites have over 300 pages indexed after 12 months. Like any other sites, you still need to do the SEO work and try to get the back links for top placement.

New SEO | TOOLS | Tricks tutorials:

Managing joomla! is a little tricky for a beginner and I suggest blogspot with its own build in wysiwyg editor + it's free!


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Hard to say what they had in mind without reading the articles or talking to the authors but...

It might be because SEF is not, at least historically, turned on out of the box.

It might be because you have to define custom URL schemes for components that aren't already known by some custom SEF modules in order to get maximum benefit.

It might be because not all templates use source ordering to put the content before the navigation (but that has more to do with the template than Joomla! itself, and isn't an issue only with Joomla!).

It might be that they were using the site-wide keywords and descriptions and not entering them at the page level.

There is basic SEF functionality built in, and sh404SEF is one of several popular alternative SEF components.

I wonder what the authors would have to say about Front Page (not page naming, but all the other junk it adds in).


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Aaah....Joomla is great for SEO if you know what you are doing in it. Especially Version 1.5 and a SEF plugin or 2.

The big problem in the past was the dynamic URL's it generated but this isn't an issue anymore.

To prove my point the author of "Get To The Top in Google" runs his main site on Joomla. In my opinion it's actually easier to maintain SEO in joomla with the plugins available.