Looking for a drop shipping partner


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Whats up ladies and gents. I have been looking for a partner to partner up with to sell drop shipping with. I use to do it but now I dont. I had a partner but havent been able to get in touch with him as of lately. If you are an experienced drop shipper with a good reputation and would like to talk to me maybe about partnering up. Shoot me a pm. I stress, you must be experienced and know how to perform drop shipping and have a product line that you know sells very well. I am willing to talk to someone and see how things match up. I have a idea about a product that we can sell together but we will have to do some research on this items that I know sell very well. I was selling on Ebay and making quite a good chunk of change but had some difficulties with the partner I was with because he wasnt able to come off of certain information that I needed to supply a certain company with .But that was the old and this is the new. I have everything we need to get things running in a smooth fashion but need to do a bit more research to get this running smoothly once again. So if your in the market and know somethings that may be able to benefit from. I am willing to work with someone to make a great earning on the net. Shoot me a pm as mentioned and lets talk and see what we can get going.


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I have been dropshipping for about 4 years. Shoot me a pm and we can talk.
Hi foreaver57

could you help me with some technics o ideas to earn quick money (about 2000$) into dropship directly to my paypal account?
I'm in very bad economic situation and I need cash ASAP.
If I can do anything for you in exchange, I'm very happy to do it.

Thanks a lot