Make $2000-3000 every month


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The Method:

1. Sign up to and for this method, I have been promoting their Webex offer (you can promote any webinar offer or bizopp)
2. You will be promoting this to local classifieds (remember to post it in the jobs sections computer section), freelance sites.
The ad will look like this:
Hello All,
My name is Your Name and I am a professional Internet Marketer who has begun setting up his own group of students who want to learn how to make a living online. I will charge $1,000 per person, but because I am just starting out, I need testimonials from people, so I am providing training for FREE.
If you are interested, contact me
3. Playing with the persons mentality of making money, so at this point people will reply to your ad (by the dozens) but will be a little skeptical. What you will need is a domain name (subdomain works as well - free ones like and a 3 page webpage. You can make a blog but don't make it look like a blog. You don't need any graphic design experience what so ever. On this webpage you will have recommendations from several people for your service. You will have an About us page - basically rewriting what the webex offer does) and a contact us page for people to get to you. (There will be no affiliate link on your webpage)
4. Make a facebook and youtube account and make a video response showing that this service is real. You can use your own voice and just make a video describing how the service has worked for you and on the fanpage, use proxies - HideMyAss web proxies to get lots of likes
5. By now your fake business will look real
6. When people reply respond you will want to redirect them to your website and youtube video. You will also reply saying this: Thanks for responding. I will be holding a live webinar Monday night at 8:30 pm, and also Tuesday at 6 pm if you can not make Mondays webinar. You need to sign up for (Your aff link – Webex or whatever web conference aff link you have) as soon as you can.
7. A lot of you have programs geared toward people inquiring about services and you could provide them with webinars you already have, or you can have a web conference with them about any of the services you can teach. You can decide to give them a webinar or you can decide to not give them a webinar. You can easily teach them a simple method and then even try to give them a one time offer. You can continue giving them a webinar for as long as you want.
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Looking something interesting here. Can you please give more details about the method. I am excited to make $2000 - $3000.
the setup for this method is simple i have already done most of it i will update u with progress post results whenever it begins