Make A LOT Of Money Without a Website

In this forum, there are lot of awesome and yet simple methods that the members have shared. Most of them require us to have our own website or landing page hosted somewhere with some god awful marketing buzz domain name (which is quite sad really). So in order to be able to get you guys to squeeze in without doing all of that technical set up, here are some of the ways to help you make some money without building a website:

Option A. Youtube Channel
... Or any other video channel for that matter. Everyone has heard of video marketing nowadays and with this, you don't have to build a website. I am not saying you shouldn't, I'm just saying you could just do your video marketing right where your customers are.

Methods of Revenue:
1. Affiliate Marketing

Most of us gets this offer by someone else via e-mail marketing or on some website with an offer that you could make MILLIONS of dollars every month if you join in this affiliate system with some catch. What if you could be the one inside that system and show people what they're paying for? Show them a video of the inside and when they appreciate or excited about the affiliate offer, they click on your link (somewhere in annotation or in the description or something). You just earned an affiliate. And it's on auto-pilot! You could boost it up a bit by socializing in the video social site by commenting and doing video responses or something.

2. Business Marketing Fusion
So let's say there's this business that has been living under a rock and has a website that sells stuff. They don't know about affiliate marketing system or MLM system or any of that customer also gets monetary benefits. All they know is that customers go to them, they makes sales, and repeat. In this method, you can tell them that you have XXXXXX Subscribers to your video channel and let them know that you can help them promote and sell their products. There's no need for salary, just pure commission split on the profit per sale. They agree, they let you use their product (for free) to use in your video marketing campaign. They get MOAR customers and you get MOAR money. Plus, you need track all of that activity of transitioning from your videos to their website with Google Analytics (for black and white proof that you pushed customers to them otherwise, you get nil).

Option B. Classified Sites
What better way to advertise anything anywhere on the net, than to use a classified site. All you need is an email address, a business phone number, a payment gateway of your choice and your copywriting skills to do your dropshipping. Pictures and technical specs of the product that you're dropshipping is practically available at THEIR website anyways, right? Just copy and paste it into the ad and you're well on your way to handle customers right in your inbox or your phone.

Methods of Revenue:
1. Affiliate Marketing

Same as how any of us post up landing pages/squeeze pages. Post an affiliate link, with enticing benefits on the ad (make it as attractive as possible) and you get customers. This is probably done by some who knew about it but hey, who says you can't?

2. Dropshipping
Who says you need a full-blown e-commerce site to build your own Dropshipping business? I mean, think about it, all the website is a cluster-f**k of ads under a domain name anyways. So why not just treat them as ads and post them where they deserve. If customers are interested, just tell them to how to make the payment and ask for their address (so you can post their product directly to their home). It's a lot of work but it does work nevertheless.

Option C. Article Directories and Q & A Sites
You know those websites where you post articles or excerpts or summaries and hope to earn something in return? Like being faced as an expert on the subject and you get a following just for being a know-it-all. I believe everyone knows what I'm talking about, right? Let's not assume though. These directories (like Kingged, Hubpages, Yahoo! Answers, Triond, etc) are ripe with curious cats with ADD to get you more eyeballs than you trying to build one yourself. Leverage this platform for the harvesting and make BANK!

Methods of Revenue:
1. Affiliate Marketing (Again?)

Seriously, this system is very versatile on many levels. By knowing the subject so well, you could entice those people to click on those links and make money. I am sure that you could copywrite something up to gain about 10 or more to your affiliate link. Don't forget to add images or videos where possible.

2. Dropshipping (Really? Again?)
Yes, again. Dropshipping is a wonderful business and again, it doesn't have to be on your own e-commerce website. You can dedicate a whole article based around one product. Put in your reviews, what do you think about it, how does it benefit your life and what you do when you have it, then when they lower their guard, BAM! You just got paid after they order from ya (See Option B. Method 2).

3. Selling your own product/service
Dropshipping is what a lot of people already know about. But have you any product or service that you made that is totally AWESOME? I am sure you have. Make a lot of articles about it and gain recognition in the article directories of authors and writers that you know what you're talking about. You better know what you're talking about. Anyways, same as usual, they contact you via email/skype/phone etc, you close the deal, you made BANK!

Of course, I'm NOT saying NOT to have a website. Having a website is actually a luxurious advantage and an investment. By having a website, you can take your Internet Marketing skills to a whole new level but just as hard to maintain (since you gotta worry about hackers, spammers and wasting time learning the tech you're working with) the learning curve may not be that attractive to you. Unless you really decide to start building more websites like that for customers, I don't see why not, right?

However, if you are in need a website built for your Internet Marketing stuff, feel free to contact me and I'll help you set up in like what, 5 days to 2 weeks? Depending on your requirements of course.
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