Make a WP posts database form an excel spread sheet or text file?


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Ok so i have a wordpress site for game downloads, i finally found a full list of games with the title and download link and copied them into an excel spread sheet. the list has over 700 dl links.

being that its such a big list i wanted to find a way to convert the list into an sql database to use as my post on the wp site, or take it a step further and add the full description.

also how can i add html code to mask the link before uploading so i dont have to do it one by one once the list is imported?

but i have no ideas how to do this, i looked around but still cant find out how to do this, any ideas? or should i just outsource this type of job?



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You are over complicating it by trying to load the excel file. Save it as csv and load the values into an array. Post the values from the array to the database.

That should be enough to get you going. If you have problems with that post here and I'll give you another shove in the right direction.

Wow...just realized the is over a year old. Damn tapatalk and its monochromatic theme.