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Jan 15, 2019
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Going with my pseudo name for obvious reasons because of the secrets I’ll be revealing to you. I am Loop-hunter (Nickname) a Russian bugs/glitch hunter you may say. My daily routine is to wake up , take breakfast and as usual explore loopholes on Bitcoin exchanges, online casinos and probably e-com websites. I mostly prefer working on finding glitch on bitcoins related websites because bitcoins are quite anonymous.
Everyday I come across a lot of these kind of bugs/glitches that can easily be exploited to make easy money in bitcoins. Some are worth the effort, some are not. Here is an example of such a loophole that you can exploit to make easy money in bitcoins. Note that I’m not a hacker, I am just a loophole hunter that takes advantage of glitch/bugs.

Today, I came across a digital store . As per their bio, is a platform where you can buy and sell digital goods for bitcoins.

What’s the glitch? you asked. Well, this website is currently celebrating their 9th anniversary by offering 10% discounts on minimum cart value of $100, 30% discounts above $399 and 50% off above $999. This platform allows anyone to become a vendor and start selling digital/downloadable goods on their website and charges a flat 10% fees of all products sold by vendor on their website. The vendors are paid through their split coins method. You can read more about it on their website FAQ

Like any other eCommerce based portal, they do not charge the vendors/sellers on the discount coupons.

How can I exploit these offers? Now comes the most interesting part .

Step 1. Just apply as a vendor on their website and wait for your account to get approved. Make sure to enter each and every information carefully and make it looks legitimate.

Step 2. Once your accounts get approved, list one or two products for sale. As always make sure that everything looks genuine

Step 3. Go create another customer account and purchase your own listed products and apply the discount promo-code.
Now let's do some calculations, the 10% discount code won't make you any profit because their services charges are also at 10% which will give even- No profit no loss.

The 30% discount code of cart value $399 brings the final cart value to $279.30. They charges 10% fee on the sale value of $399 which is $39.90.

You get $359.10 on your vendor account after 10% fees deduction

Profit= ( $359.10- $279.30)= $79.80

Similarly the 50% discount coupon on cart value $999 gives a profit of $399.60

In simple terms you get $359.10 on spending $279.30 and $899.10 on spending $449.50. It’s like a bitcoin doubler for many. Now if you do not understand my calculations please use your brain and if your brain can’t figure it out, the best option would be to get back to school. And the best part? Without doing any sort of work.

If you buy your own product worth of $2000 and apply the 50% discount code, you pay $1000 on your own product. After deducting vendor fees of 10% which is $100, you get $1900 on your vendor account which is automatically drawn to your external bitcoin wallet. Many e-com base website often use to have this type of glitch. Earlier even the popular online store Amazon had this glitch.

Where can I find the discount codes? It’s available on their homepage with a banner

Now..You may ask how they’re able to offer such huge discounts and not go bankrupt? Well, the simple answer is nobody starts any business with little or low funding. Going through their website and products, they’re already making huge profits by selling their own digital goods.

As a rule of thumb ” I never exploit glitches/bugs from the poor and the losers”

Should you take advantage of this glitch/bugs? The simple answer, this is completely up-to you. Now, I always say that loopholes are the best. You’re not technically doing anything against the rules, but it feels like you’re getting away with something. That’s because , well, you basically are! It’s not your fault someone didn’t do their I’s and cross their T’s right? I am sharing this completely free. You either take and enjoy it or leave it and regret latter for not taking the advantage while the glitch existed. Make Hay while the Sun Shines

I highly recommend you to use a good VPN . And delete your product listing once you looted such that others do not buy your blank item and complain about you

How long this will exist for exploit? Probably as long as they’re running their promotion

To good to be true?

This is the most common misconception “to good to be true?”
Remembered? When launched a year back , they were giving free $50 signup bonus to employer to get started. I wrote an article about it and my customers looted it by registering new employer a/c and hiring themselves. They’ve finally stopped the promotion after running it for 45 days approx. Similar was the case referral program and many more to say.
So what I mean to say is, when a company launches new services, they run mouth-watering deals as promotion to attract new customers and to build up their community. In this case, it’s not the company giving free money but we’re exploiting the loopholes (aka promotional offers) to make free money. Hope everyone understands it.

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